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Melting and hangzhou first commercial project will start the soft opening on April 30

Date: 2021-03-22

March 17 Japanese news, hangzhou chengbei melts, a canal, Yin commercial part ii - melt a brigade InS. The Park will start the soft opening in April 30.View property of new media to know, chong wen brigade InS. The Park is located in the hangzhou gongshu district 398 cheung tai street, project size of 80000 square meters, will focus on creating new youth nightlife gravitational field, catering entertainment experience, family parent-child theme three feature blocks, forming different features scenes of life, or in the future will become a trend in north dimension maximum life commercial block.Melt and hangzhou officer previously disclosed, chong wen brigade InS. The Park plans to introduce some 200 brand, main stores accounted for about 20%, food accounted for about 40%, about 17% children plate.Notable is, this is melting and the first commercial project in hangzhou.And be in harmony is located in the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, a canal, seal the core of the software park area of northern west bank of hangzhou, east to cheung road, south to cheung tai street scene, auspicious road on the west, north to star bridge street, covers an area of 89000 ㎡, the total amount of 430000 ㎡, will build for north landmark complex.The melting is a phase of the project construction, a canal, seal, August putting-in-service proactively plan;The third phase of plans for completion by the end of 2023.